Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our Brave Princess

Thursday afternoon Madeline fell out of a tree...well, she was swinging from a branch and dropped...I guess, on her arm. Her right arm. She is right handed. So, off we went to the "doc-in-a-box" and she was well cared for and VERY brave. They just xrayed her arm and splinted it. She broke both bones, fairly clean and straight through.

The first night, she slept soundly. So sweet.

Today, we went to the orthopedic doctor to have it set and casted. Madeline sat quietly thru the setting, wide eyed at the painful parts....(an expression I'll not soon forget) and then when the cast was being put on and rather roughly kneaded into the right position (not any other way to do it, I think), she simply looked to the side and had tears streaming down her face....lots of tears, but no noise came out of her little mouth. Sarah grabbed her hand and prayed w/ her, and then had to sit down because she couldn't stand the thought of what Maddie was going thru. Our little lady was SO VERY BRAVE. You just don't know how one might react. I couldn't have guess it.

She, of course, picked a purple cast. No surprises there!

At dinner, we all tried to eat with our non-dominant hand. Madeline did a great job!

And so, the Lord directs our days and our activities. Some of our plans for the next few weeks will change. Some will just be modified.
I am grateful that her injuries are not more serious. I am grateful at how God designed our bodies. I am grateful that my kiddos like to be outside playing!