Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Come Ye Thankful People Come

We had the privilege of hosting a Thanksgiving party...a bit of a school project and history lesson, and a bit of a crafting time for 5-10 year-olds and their people (older siblings, younger siblings and mamas!)
Gregg opened the event by reading Congress's Thanksgiving Proclamation from 1777.

Benjamin, Grace and Emily read stories (Em's the photographer - so no pic of her)

Yea...that little pilgrim facing the wrong direction belongs to me.....but that smile......a person can forgive a lot when looking into those eyes!

We made Thanksgiving cards for grandparents,  - (no pics......)

and delicious acorns (out of hershey kisses, mini vanilla wafers, and broken pretzel sticks.....delicious....glued together w/ white chocolate chips!)

(upside down legos made great holding racks for the creations!)

Joshua made up sets of "Naughts and Crosses" a version of tic-tac-toe. So each of the 24 kiddos between the ages of 5-10 had a set to take home.

We sang lovely Thanksgiving hymns -
"Come Ye Thankful People Come"
"Count Your Blessings" - (we had about 50 people here today! - lovely friends)
"For the Beauty of the Earth"
Our 4 younger kiddos made up these song folders for each of their friends.

Rachel made Pilgrim paper dolls and clothes for the children to color and cut out.....

Hope you are having a lovely time reflecting on the many blessings you have received from the Lord!