Thursday, November 18, 2010

Official Keri–On sized Keri-on to Keri-on about

We were taking a crazy trip….we left at 5:45am Sunday 14 November, drove 10 hours, attended 50th birthday party for Gregg’s sister, checked out the Golden Gate Bridge, back to Grandma Nancy’s to sleep, woke to a 70 degree morning, visited the cemetery where Gregg’s father is buried, visited w/ Aunt Susanna for 30 minutes, hopped back in the car, drove for 10 hours, met Sarah and company at the car rental place and were back home by 10pm on Monday evening. It was a crazy and amazing thing to do! Wouldn’t have missed it!

And, by my side,.............

I took along my first official Keri-On sized Keri-On….I love this satchel because it was so very much fun to make! You know, the result of me spending lots of time doing something I really enjoy! – and most likely NOT doing what I should have been doing!

I will take you for a tour,

It can hold two M&M's,
one at a time......

The lining is not in yet,…probably won’t be until after Christmas!

But it is ready to be packed and wisked off on another advernture!