Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Home Some R Not

I can't believe how quickly summer is passing by. We are finished w/ the fair - the fate of the five lambs?....3 lambs made it to the Junior Livestock Auction, 1 to the local food bank, and 1 will end up in our freezer....lamb curry, here we come!
Our family's vacation was to take place right after the fair, flexibility reigned. The fires burning in California kept us from plan A, so, we did some day trips for the first part of the week.....

Here is our wonderful find (well, Sarah's wonderful find!), a place called Silver Star Mountain...

....turns out it is 16 miles due east of us, and takes an HOUR to get to by car....and FS roads -not certain if that is Fire Service Roads or Forest Service Roads - but I am certain that the word "road' is used quite loosely. It was BEAUTIFUL! We could see four different mountainson the hike; Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier, Mt. St,. Helens, and Mt. Adams! I must refer you to my daughter's blog to see more lovely pictures! (She also has pictures of our beach day). It's so nice to live in a place from which the mountains and the ocean are both w/in a couple hours drive! Hooray for the Northwest USA! God has made some GLORIOUS scenery to be appreciated in these here parts!

I hope you see His glory in your day!