Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday Tea

On Friday afternoons, we attempt to have tea....together as a family. Since Daddy works from home on Fridays, he can usually come downstairs, laptop in hand (er..on lap) and join us. One of the goals for this gathering is a time of recitation for the children. They will recite memory verses, poems, stories, or play a song that they've been working on. It's been a lot of fun. We have not had a proper (using the term very loosely here) tea since before Christmas. Since the junior college schedule changed then, we just hadn't figured out the timing.  But I think we're now back in business. 

 If you're in the neighborhood, you can join us! But be warned that you ought to come w/ a poem or verse ready! Guests are expected to participate as well!

Just as a side note: That old coffee carafe in the background IS filled with half-and-half. Those lovely little cream pitchers don't do the job for a family of 12 - we have too many milk-tea drinkers - actually sugar and cream w/ a splash of tea drinkers!


Benjamin composed a song for his sisters Emily and Rachel and their friend Jo. They played it at their concert Saturday night. It is beautiful. Here's a link to Sarah's sight so you can listen to it.

A Good Morning... getting to see these lovely faces...

  ...smiling at you from the other side...

                                                                                                      of your tea cup.