Wednesday, August 14, 2013


During the year, our 4-H wool club spent some time learning to dye wool. We used Kool-Aid and had a blast. Rachel and her friend MacKenzie wondered if the process would work while the wool was still on the animal.......So, at the fair they staged the experiment....imagining they wouldn't get in to trouble with anyone since the dye was simply Kool-Aid.....The ewe had to be well washed (pretty time consuming) and was then squirted with every color of Kool-Aid we could find. 
Here's the result....
Later this sheep was sheared and the wool carded for use. It made for a very fun demonstration. 

The girls split the wool and will spin some yarn......perhaps you'll see pictures later of what this experiment turned into!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Fair Ending to the Fair

The Clark County Fair (this is the largest fair in the state of Washington) concluded last night....So this morning we made a final help load the last of the market lambs onto the trucks and to pick up our entries
Here is a smattering of our much fun and so many good comments and suggesstions! We REALLY appreciate the judges' written remarks and encouragement to do better! 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

For a Family-Fun Experience...

...How about coming to the Clark County Fair today? The Junior Livestock Auction starts off at 11am, and promises to be a grand event! To whet your auctioneering appetite, enjoy the following, then come on over!

See you there!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013

Clark County Fair Kitchen..Rachel

Rachel was in the fair kitchen today preparing gluten free pizza and salad. 
While preparing the meal, the judge may ask them questions about what and why they are doing certain things. All is part of the evaluation.

She served it with Gingerberry Kombucha.
The judge thought her efforts worth a blue ribbon!
Good Job, Rachel!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Deiter 100!

On Saturday, we participated in an event called the "Deiter 100"! This event came into being because some of our friends - the Deiters - added up the ages of everyone in their family and discovered that at the end of this year, their ages will add to, guessed it, 100! 
So they  hosted an event similar to the "Amazing Race" and families were teams running all around our county and even into Portland on a race for clues...doing such things as visiting the local coffee shop, counting posts in the Fort Vancouver wall, getting pictures taken w/ various IKEA items and picking gallon buckets full of blueberries for the hostess! (I think that means she has 66 pounds of blueberries to her name now! - clever girl, that one!)
Most families had clever t-shirts to mark the occasion, one family w/ 7 little children came as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 

Us? Well, we were the Tartaned Twelve!
Though we got a bit busy and forgot to take pictures most of the time, we did have a few....
 The first task was putting together a jigsaw puzzle...We were the first finished w/ that, and were in the lead for....
I'd say about 30 seconds. :)
A picture w/ a statue at Esther Short of the requirements!
The Tartaned Twelve did not win the race...but we had a WONDERFUL time!
Hopefully there will be cause to have this kind of fun competition again soon! 

First Fair Day

Rachel, Grace, and Zachary all participated in the 4H kitchen activites on Friday.  There are several categories in which you can compete. Rachel (no pictures :(...) and Grace both participated in the bread baking activity. They must bring all supplies and ingredients to the 4H kitchen and, well..., make bread. You are judged on preparation techniques, cleanliness practices, nutritional values and costs associated with the food/meal.
Rachel made Oatmeal Molasses Bread and received a blue ribbon! This recipe is WONDERFUL! You should definitely try it!

 Grace made a loaf of whole wheat bread. She had a couple of...challenges -measuring technique- but the bread tasted wonderful, and she got some great pointers! She received a red ribbon and LOTS of encouragement to keep up the good work! 
Good Job, Grace!

Zachary participated in a "Quick to Fix Meals" category. He prepared our family's standard breakfast of....

and smoothies.
I don't think he's licking his fingers! :)

He was required to set the table andserve the judge. I'm sure he was a charming host!
 He then cleaned up the kitchen and had an interview w/ the judge about nutritional value of the meal he served, and cost etc....(of which he needs to show improvement in his knowlege....)
He received a blue ribbon! Good Job, Z!

Rachel, Joshua and James will be in the kitchen on Monday and more pictures will be forthcoming. 
If you're in the area, come on out to the Clark County Fair!