Saturday, October 20, 2012


Today, this handsome young man turns 15 years old.
He is a kind and gentle person, and his siblings LOVE him!

He likes to have fun and has a great sense of humor!

He also likes to read...LOVES history.....and is a very thoughtful person!
Joshua,you are a wonderful blessing to our family!
May you continue to grow in the Lord and become more like Him with each passing year!
Happy Birthday, Joshua!


  1. Happy Birthday, Joshua :) Love the photos!

  2. Happy Birthday, Josh! Love yah!

  3. Happy Birthday, Joshua.

    He has the best smile! So, Handsome. He does look like a great brother.

  4. Looks like your gals have a wonderful big brother to watch over them! Happy Birthday to your handsome son, what a blessing he must be to your family!!!

  5. God bless him...looks like a godly young man. happy, happy birthday!

  6. Belated b-day wishes to your Joshua! What a joy he must be to you and your family. :) ~Lisa

  7. O yes, now I remember from your post last year that your son is exactly four days older than my eldest. My son just turned 15 years on October 24th.

    Happy Birthday Joshua! It's exciting to see young men growing up the way your parents are raising you.

    God's peace to you all.