Monday, June 16, 2014

Brigade Encampment

On National Get Outdoors Day, Fort Vancouver sponsors Brigade Encampment, commemorating the return of the trappers to the fort, which was run by the Hudson's Bay Company.
Here are the costumed volunteers at the end of the day. Ben, Emily, Rachel, Joshua, and James all participated this year! 
Here are some pix...

There are booths from outdoorsy organizations set up to whet your appetite for summer the littles (K5) had a go at rock climbing...

Benj and Em provided music for dancing in the afternoon.
A bit of hatchet throwing

Here's a fine looking gentleman educating folks about the furs traded here at the fort.
Dancing, dancing,....

Oh and Gregg an I got away the previous weekend to Timberline Lodge...I think it's the only place in the states that you can ski in the summer.....
We didn't ski... Just hiked around a bit, but they did have 2 lifts operating!
Beautiful weather. Beautiful place. (Just about an hour and a half from where we live!)
Delicious food!
 We are trying to go away every month this year in celebration of our 25 anniversary! This was one of the weekends!


  1. Looks like a great time. The lodge looks fun too. Is it also in Fort Vancouver area?

    Oh, I hope you get to have a little get away every month for your 25th year! Super delightful that will be.

  2. Keri, I *love* the idea of getting away every month of the year ... Our 25th year will be the year after next, so I think I'll hint this to the kids ;) ;)

    Love the Encampment commemoration ... What a delight to be at one of these days out :)
    Anne x

  3. Such great photos of fun activities! Love the couple shot and sweet you too :) So important to get away together!