Wednesday, January 6, 2010


My favorite sweatshirt has “thumb holes”. I love it because when I’m out walking or hiking, I can stick my thumbs in the holes that have formed between the cuff and the sleeve of the shirt and keep the sleeves pulled snuggly down onto my hands. I prefer this to gloves or mittens because my hands get too hot w/ those options and I can actually do more things w/out having to remove my gloves. So, imagine my happy surprise when these funny looking “fingerless gloves” arrived on the scene! (Well, actually, Sarah and James were both given pairs as part of their Ft. Vancouver costumes – so perhaps it is better stated REarrived on the scene! But, I digress…..) So, for Christmas, I crocheted pairs of sweet little muffatees for all of my girls! Rachel was even able to play her cello w/ them on! If you're wondering, I did make two little purple muffatees.....They are quick to make (and apparently to lose as well!) and I think they are rather pretty!  Perhaps you’ll find some in your stocking some day!


  1. Sarah told me of your blog. LOVE IT. What a great idea. You going to start selling stuff? I'd buy:)


  2. They are quite beautiful! Love it! If only I were 1/2 as creative as you dear sister....
    Love ya,