Friday, July 29, 2011

Good Reads

Well, summer has finally made it to the northwest (usa) and as a result, I'm not ..... inside much. I did want to direct you to two other wonderful posts. The first is my little sister's blog. She is a missionary in France. They have been living there for one year now, just completed their first year of language school. Jenn is a very thougthful kind of writer. Her post today is well worth the read. I hope you enjoy it!

And once again, I direct you to my daughter's blog. We celebrated our son Benjamin's graduation from high school this past weekend. She has written a post about it, so I will forego the typing and get back to the gardening!

We are getting sheep ready for the fair, fighting a bit of hoof rot, shearing and trying to fatten up a particularly small lamb. Hopefully, we'll have some great pictures/posts from that event!

May the Lord bless you and keep you!


  1. ye, summer has finally come to us! And thanks for the links. I will try to get over to them very soon. Your dd looks sweet with her sheep.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  2. Cute sheep! Will check out ur sisters blog :)

  3. Oh I love the picture, you must live in the country too? I would love to learn more about sheep.

    Thank you for sharing the other sites, I'll have to come back and take a nice relaxing visit to them soon! It's always so nice to see other encouraging and challenging Christian sites.

    Blessings to you!

  4. I'm off to visit your sister too! We are enjoying the summer having finally arrived here in Scotland too. Our climates sound very similar!

    Enjoy the gardening :0)

  5. I am enjoying catching up on your blog. It feels like I have been away from blogland a long time. I love, love, love your pictures of the the 3 girls birthday parties (we do many of our birthdays in multiples, because
    of course two of our girls have the same birthday... like 2 of yours, our older two boys have birthdays in September and our younger two boys have birthdays in January.... all just a few days apart from each other. Only Olga gets her own day. :) But anyhow, I just couldn't get over those precious pictures your daughter took, and how adorable everyone looked... I'm thinking magazine story.

    I read your sister's, and daughters blog posts... thoroughly enjoyed.

    Many Blessings, Keri,

  6. Keri, Please show us those fair ribbons when you get them! :)

    Thanks to the link to your sister's blog. I use to live in Europe and I did a Missions Trip in my younger years to Belgium and France. It will be very neat to follow her. And, on a side note, how nice that we have technology that we can follow while she is living her walk with Christ out in that country.