Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An 8 Year Old Man

Zachary turned 8 on Sunday. He likes anything that has to do w/ cowboys. His sister Rachel found this jacket, hat, and nice pair of jeans at our local GoodWill. Have you such a handsome 8 year old in your life?

His sister, Grace, went shopping w/ Rachel...and found these great gifts..a new red bandana, and a wallet...with money already in it!

A couple of months ago...this sweet Madeline....
heard Z say that he really wanted a mama deer...he already had the baby...so, she checked her savings and hired herself out for odd jobs w/ her older siblings, collected the necessary amount of money, and had Sarah take her to the local farm store to make her purchase. She had it wrapped and under her bed for 2 months. 
It is a busy time of year...this post is 2 days late....I told Z that we would have a cowboy get together next month!

Happy Birthday Z!

I would also like to mention that today is my husband's 49th birthday!
Hope my 8 year old man grows up to be just like his daddy!
Happy Birthday, Gregg!


  1. Zach looks SO cute...Happy birthday Zach, and Mr. Coder!

  2. Happy birthday to your Man and son, how delightful these happy pictures are. How precious of your daughter to save and buy that dear. Merry Christmas! xxx

  3. Well, I have to say that if I didn't have a very handsome 8yr old, then this fella would be the very handsomest 8 yr old ever.

    (And our wee guy has just developed a bit of a cowboy obsession. Happy days!)

    Happy birthday, handsome boy. And happy birthday, Daddy, too :)

  4. How sweet of your daughter to think of her brother like that!

    Since my 8 year old has just turned 9 then I can say yours is the most handsome 8 year old!

    Happy birthday to both of your men!

  5. Sweet, sweet, sweet! Happy birthday to the cowboy man!!

  6. So very sweet! Happy birthday! (Those little animals are expensive!)

  7. Happy Birthday to your Little Cowboy! Such a cute little outfit from goodwill too. I adore thrift shops.

    Love the powderhorn too! My Dad collects those so we have a few hanging from my kiddos waist every now and then!

  8. Happy Birthday to your husband and son. Your son is a very handsome cowboy. I recognize that little deer. We have a store called "Big R" here, and they have those animals... and I buy them for my grandchildren, who have a little collection going as well... It looks like a wonderful party.

    Merry Christmas to you all and many blessings in the New Year.