Friday, December 2, 2011

Some of our pictures...

On Thanksgiving morning, it is our family's tradition to decorate gingerbread houses. We make 5 of them and have two children decorating each house.

This tradition was started to give little people a project while mama was busy in the kitchen....the older children still participate, ,pairing up w/ one of their younger siblings. Its a very sweet tradition!

Here is Sarah's post on our Thanksgiving!

On the weekend we get our Christmas tree...this is usually done on Saturday...but this year got postponed until Monday...the weather was immensely better on Monday, and we all came home dry and happy (which would not have been the case if we'd gotten it on the weekend!).

 Z assures me he was in the picture...on the other side of the tree....Can you see Z? He's between Rachel and Benjamin.

Here is Emily's post on our Christmas Tree tradition. You'll recognize the pictures!

Hope you are enjoying the blessings that this season brings to mind (at least in our homes, eh?)!


  1. So fun. Great pictures. We do the same thing. Houses and hunting down our tree at a tree farm. We wait until the first weekend in Decemeber, so that means this weekend! yay!

  2. Don't they all look so yummy! What a wonderful tradition. It looks like you had a great time finding your Christmas Tree.

  3. I love your tradition of making gingerbread houses on Thanksgiving. Too bad Canadian Thanksgiving is too early to do this. [o; But I am planning a gingerbread day very soon! Thanks for the inspiring pictures.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))