Monday, June 4, 2012

Hey...Good Lookin, What...cha got Cooking?"....

This morning, Madeline did not get up in time to accompany the older kiddos to the track to run, so she decided to make breakfast for them......Ah, such a delicious breakfast. She chose an old Bisquick recipe for Ginger Pancakes and Lemon Sauce and they were a big hit!

She was a chef extraordinaire! Charming, diligent, and  perservering - cooking for 8 of her siblings!
(Her left eye is on the mend from an encounter w/ the slide...I thought the slide had won, but daddy pointed out that the slide was still laying out there;  Maddie walked away, so I guess she won!)


  1. Well done to her! Sounds like a yummy breakfast.

  2. Sweet :)
    Good point about the slide too. :P
    I'll have to remember that next time one of my little ones has and "encounter."

  3. Great job! Ginger pancakes and lemon sauce...sounds so fancy, too!

  4. How very sweet of her to tackle the job of making pancakes for everyone! Sounds like a delicious combination!