Thursday, March 14, 2013

The life of Pi Day!

I really like Math; I like math problems, I like math puzzles, I like geometry, I like non-euclidean geometry (my favorite, actually!) But, when math tastes good...WOW! What a combination! This is the life! 
 Pi day at our house has evolved in to quite an event...still just a family event, but one we REALLY enjoy! This year my sister Robin and her family were here to eat with us.  (All the way from Texas!) 
Robin brought two pies and Rachel made three. 
Here's the line up...


Key Lime

Sugar Free Blackberry Pear

 Peanut Butter

 Blackberry Pear

All of them were delicious...yes, I tasted each one...I think everybody here got to taste each one.

 This was a math assignment we all completed...even in a timely manner!


  1. Wow, I seriously haven't seen so many pies, they all look amazing! :)

  2. After seeing your pies last year I vowed to start pie day this year, and then forgot about it until it was too late!

    Your lineup is impressive. I like a nice old fashioned apple pie the best.

  3. REALLY liking your way of celebrating Pi day!

  4. Yummy! Who'da known that math could actually be enjoyable? :) Love ya!

  5. Oh my goodness I love this... can I come over.... I am sure you must have left overs. I was just reading another friends blog and they were making Pie for Pi day also. You should hear my stomach growling as I am typing this. I don't know if I could pick a favorite, because they all are favorites to me; what do you use to sweeten the blackberry Pear? It sounds Yummy. Math is not my favorite subject, I have always been more of a History and English lover; but this sure makes math very appealing to me haha. I love that your whole family has made a fun day out of it. Have a great weekend.

  6. Just catching up on your posts, those pies look lovely! Make mine Key Lime! What a fun day! Love it, wishing I lived near you all and you needed just one more taste tester. :D