Tuesday, May 21, 2013

You Know All Those Years of Music Lessons?......

Rachel had the privilege of playing a piece by Max Bruch w/ her orchestra on Sunday evening.
In January she participated in a concerto competition and was selected as one of the winners.
Here is her bio that was in the program: (you can scroll down to the video and listen while you read, if you like!)

My name is Rachel Coder. I’m 17 years old, the 4th oldest of 10 siblings, and a Christian. My parents have homeschooled all 10 of us and, presently, I am ending my junior year of high-school. My oldest sister started playing music before I was born. Thus, for me to start playing cello at 8 years wasn’t really a shock to me –but I was thrilled. A year later, I started playing in my family quartet (in which we ended up playing for lobby music, weddings, and the Royal Rosarians of Portland), and 3 years  after  that, I started playing in PACS and have now been playing in OPAYCO for 3 years. Presently, I am taking from Diane Chaplin.
When I’m not playing or teaching the cello, I enjoy many other things. I have a herd of sheep - 5  precisely – which I raise and then sell some in an auction at our county fair. I also enjoy cooking, sewing, reading biographies, cleaning houses, working on a ranch, and having fun with family and friends! I would like to thank my Mum and Dad for all their love, support, and encouragement – especially through my earlier years – along with my oldest sister Sarah who was my practice partner. But foremost, I would like to thank and praise God for the
Gift He gave the world so many years ago.

 My most earnest desire in playing music is that God will be glorified.


  1. Oh my goodness, I could listen to her all day long. My husband and I just listened/watched the video and loved it. You must be so proud of her. I loved the bio as well, what a wonderful testimony.

  2. Soli Deo Gloria!! What a lovely testimony from a lovely young woman. :)

  3. I have so enjoyed listening to Rachel's performance! Cello is my favorite instrument. Its bittersweet sound sometimes makes me want to cry. Silly, huh.

    Lovely bio too :)

  4. Keri, I need to know if your family would like a pie pumpkin plant or two; I have some I'm trying to give away before they go into my compost pile...we planted more seed than I thought would sprout this year! I will be in town on Thursday and could leave them on your front porch. ~Lisa :)

  5. Her testimony made me teary eyed! What a lovely daughter you have there. Such talent.