Wednesday, August 14, 2013


During the year, our 4-H wool club spent some time learning to dye wool. We used Kool-Aid and had a blast. Rachel and her friend MacKenzie wondered if the process would work while the wool was still on the animal.......So, at the fair they staged the experiment....imagining they wouldn't get in to trouble with anyone since the dye was simply Kool-Aid.....The ewe had to be well washed (pretty time consuming) and was then squirted with every color of Kool-Aid we could find. 
Here's the result....
Later this sheep was sheared and the wool carded for use. It made for a very fun demonstration. 

The girls split the wool and will spin some yarn......perhaps you'll see pictures later of what this experiment turned into!


  1. Wow I have not seen that before maybe I should color my Alpaca hehehe ~Love Heather

  2. I excited to see the wool and the product when you post the pictures. I am enjoying all of your fair pictures, and all that you and yours have been up to.
    You all look wonderful in the tartan. Having a peaceful, quiet day and a lovely blogging catch. Enjoying your posts.