Sunday, August 4, 2013

Deiter 100!

On Saturday, we participated in an event called the "Deiter 100"! This event came into being because some of our friends - the Deiters - added up the ages of everyone in their family and discovered that at the end of this year, their ages will add to, guessed it, 100! 
So they  hosted an event similar to the "Amazing Race" and families were teams running all around our county and even into Portland on a race for clues...doing such things as visiting the local coffee shop, counting posts in the Fort Vancouver wall, getting pictures taken w/ various IKEA items and picking gallon buckets full of blueberries for the hostess! (I think that means she has 66 pounds of blueberries to her name now! - clever girl, that one!)
Most families had clever t-shirts to mark the occasion, one family w/ 7 little children came as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 

Us? Well, we were the Tartaned Twelve!
Though we got a bit busy and forgot to take pictures most of the time, we did have a few....
 The first task was putting together a jigsaw puzzle...We were the first finished w/ that, and were in the lead for....
I'd say about 30 seconds. :)
A picture w/ a statue at Esther Short of the requirements!
The Tartaned Twelve did not win the race...but we had a WONDERFUL time!
Hopefully there will be cause to have this kind of fun competition again soon! 

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