Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Meet Me There....

We just spent the weekend at our church's annual Family Camp! It is always a wonderful time of fellowship and learning together. Even w/ the bias of being the mom of many of these people, this song was a favorite! Brought tears to several eyes....the anticipation of heaven! (We missed the first verse....just caught the chorus for that verse.)


  1. Heavenly voices and beautiful song. If not sooner, I shall meet you and your family there :)

  2. How sweet to hear such a joyful noise! What a wonderful time you all must have at camp. :)

    Will meet you there!

    Lisa :)

  3. So Sweet and lovely. I wish we did a family camp. It seems just wonderful.

  4. Very nice! (At one point I saw the little girl second over in the front row ((I didn't know if it was one of your little twins :)) directing the song . :D)