Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Emily Anne

Have you ever heard someone whose laugh is just melodious? Just makes you smile and want to laugh/sing along? That would be our Emily!

From a very young age, you could hear her lovely giggle at beautiful moments....the glee would eminate from her in the quiet of the audience before her ballet recital would that quiet a delicious chuckle would fill the auditorium....that would be our Emily.
Standing outside the ski lodge looking for her to come down the hill, scanning the slope, we would hear her lovely laughter preceded her down the mountain. That's our Emily.

She has a wonderful sense of humor...great comedic timing....very quick witted. That is our Emily.
God has blessed us to have her for a daughter!
Happy Birthday, Sweet Emily Anne!


  1. Happy (1 day belated) Birthday!!! Cosette's birthday is only one day after that :)

  2. What a lovely young lady! What a blessing she must be! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Emily. (I love your red hair :) My son Philip is like that. His hearty laugh and sense of humor have been catching and irresistible to us ever since he was about one year old.

  4. OH. What a doll! And, now look how pretty and grown up. I love being near people who have a contagious laugh! It makes my heart joyful.