Monday, May 2, 2011

Some various states of doneness....

This project is at it's VERY early stages...we don't actually have all the wood yet...and after we do (which could be 4 weeks) it will be a couple of weeks before the project begins...guess the wood needs to acclimate.....Meanwhile...w/ a big smile on my face...I dream....but now w/ some pretty substantial visual aid!

Inspired by a blogging friend,

 I used up some yarn scraps and made these cushion tops. I even used up some pearl beads and buttons that were floating around my craft bag. 


On Sunday, we went to our children's final orchestra concert for the year. It was a VERY fun concert. Our son, Benjamin got to conduct his orchestra playing a piece of music that he composed. Sarah posted a bit of a preview...not of the song, but of the boy who became the man  that composed the song.... (okay, I have to say YOUNG man, cause I'm his mom and he is only 18!)  I may try to post the recording...but for now...just know that it was FUN, FUN, FUN!


  1. Oh! Talent! Your top cushions are wonderful! And, oh how exciting to have a composer in your family!

  2. Wonderful The Orchestra sounds just delightful!! and how exciting new wood floor :) ~and your cushion tops are super cute love all the different colors ~Love Heather

  3. Keri,

    I really like the colors of your cushion tops. Very cute!

    I'm not sure what you are planning with all that wood. Do you plan to give us any hints any time soon? :)

    I'm sure that the Children's Orchestra was great fun! What a blessing for you to have musical talent in your family.


    -L. Rose

  4. Oh soooooooooooo much creativity in your home and so much fun to see and hear it all. It is so nice to be able to get around blogland now and catch up, such a blessing.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  5. Oh my, the wood flooring, so lovely but it is hard work indeed. So far everytime we have tried to do wood or laminate we have had to find help with it, it's so very tedious. I think it's great you all are doing it though. My hubby loves doing work himself but for some reason wood flooring and our family just doesn't get along! lol

    The cushion seat covers are so lovely! Oh you are the talented one! It looks so pretty and homie!

    Oh my, a composer! That is great! : )
    I know you must be proud! I know what you mean on saying young man, I am the same way with my girls, ages 17 to 28! Ha! And when they have young men friends come over to visit our family they could be anywhere from 7 to 35! lol

    Hope you are having a sweet week! ~Amelia