Monday, September 12, 2011

Our First Day of School

Oatmeal is a VERY common occurence at our breakfast table...takes no energy, not a big mess, and feeds and fills lots of people very, today we started w/ oatmeal......and a table full of new supplies...

Everyone is always excited to get started on a new year. I am teaching the younger 5 around the kitchen table this year. (We have been watching Bob Jones dvds for several years now, so this is a change.) Sarah Jayne is helping w/ the schooling, so we teaching. There are two 6 year olds, one 7 year old, one 10 year old, and one 12 year old.

How many shades of red did your kiddos wear today?

James is showing off his new loot!

Here's the first map drawing.....Mohammed II's conquered lands.

These are most of the books we are going thru to start with....We are studying early American History using the Beautiful Feet curriculum. We will learn by reading lots of books....copious quantities of book reading...we are all very excited!

By the end of today, Megan had almost finished her little backstitched sampler....

And Madeline, with her right arm still casted, is doing a lovely job on her sampler!

I believe my high school students had a fine day. They are using the Bob Jones dvd's...3 kiddos upstairs studying Geometry, Biology, English, French 2, American Literature, and American History.


  1. That looks wonderful.... Makes me smile a happy, contented-sigh-type smile :) x

  2. I loved the photo with all of the school supplies lined up! Made me want to go back to school. :) Have a great school year! :)

  3. Your children are so lovely. Love the reds. Here's more learning power to them.

  4. I love the excitement of new school stuff. And I was going to ask how your little one's arm was doing too!

  5. lovely~
    i was just checking out beautiful feet's website the other day!!

    blessings to you all, have a great day!! :D

  6. WOW! Love all those supplies and happy faces! The samplers are precious.

  7. I loved these pictures. The ones of the cross stitching make me want to get back to having Rose crochet EVERY DAY!

  8. So lovely! I adored peaking into your day. It is neat to see what it might look like for me on day with a few more Children. How fun to have a team teacher too! I haven't looked at Beautiful feet but I have seen where many people have shared a few things about the curriculum on their site. It seems as if everyone enjoys it a lot.

  9. Precious, precious, precious!! The backstitched sampler is such a great idea, and I love that first photo of all the supplies lined up. May God richly bless your new school year!