Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Joshua' Birthday!

On the 20th, we celebrated Joshua's 14th birthday!

He has always picked pizza for his dinner. Emily make DELICIOUS pizza!

 Gracie made SCRUMPTIOUS brownies for his dessert!

Benjamin wrote him a puzzler....since his gift had not yet arrived.  He bought him a Narnia Monopoly game! Quite the big hit!

He is the proud owner of the first firearm in our home....the Red Ryder BB gun! If you are a balloon or tin can, you best BEWARE! (If the smile doesn't simply melt you!)

Joshua is a HUGE blessing to our family! He is a kind hearted young man. He is quiet and thoughtful. AND he makes a mean batch of biscuits or pancakes!

Happy Birthday, (a week late in blogland!) JOSHUA! You are greatly loved and cherished!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! What a delightful family.

  2. Happy Birthday! Wow, never heard of Narnia Monopoly but if it was available over here I think it would be popular with my boys.

    Also, love the sound of your regency sewing! There's not much call for girly sewing in our house!

  3. Happy Birthday, Joshua!! What a wonderful family God has placed you in. May you serve Him wholeheartedly all the days of your life.

    What a handsome son you have. Sweet pictures of a delightful celebration. And Narnia Monopoly....I'm off to Amazon. :)

  4. looks like a wonderful celebration for a special young man... wishing you and your family a blessed week

  5. What a cutie! Love his smile and his eyes just light up! Happy belated Birthday!

  6. Hey! My son turned 14 on October 24th! He picked pizza for his birthday dinner as well. Must be a 14 year old boy thing. :P

    Happy Birthday Joshua! You do indeed have a nice smile.

    (p.s. My son's birthday post was a few days late too. ;)

  7. What gorgeous pictures! I have been visiting here but have not been able to comment using firefox, but I have just discovered today that I can comment on ALL blogs using safari...YAY, I'm excited about that! Have a great weekend! :)