Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Saddle Shoes and Poodle Skirts...

Megan and Madeline were invited to a 50's birthday party....

And the mama of the birthday girl made each of the girls a poodle skirt...
Can you hear the giggles...oh, my girls were SO thrilled....talk about a great twirling circle skirt!

And now they know what the jitterbug is....
Are you ready to laugh?


  1. Oh my heavens! How adorable!! What a super special treat for all the girls to get a poodle skirt. Love the video :)

  2. Mrs. Coder,
    Those skirts are SO super cute...did you make them??? I love the pictures of the twins too. And the dance was So adorable (I REALLY liked the song too :)

  3. That is so cute! I had shoes like that:)

  4. Your daughters are SO cute! :)

  5. When my best friend and I were about twelve we got on a poodle skirt/saddle shoe vibe for a while. Her mom made the skirts and we just thought we were the "bee's knees". :P