Monday, October 24, 2011

Just Found this Picture...from the Clark County Fair

Looks like I did get one picture from the fair this year.....

Rachel is 4th from the left and James is 5th from the left. All of the lambs pictured received blue ribbons! The judging in this event was based on how the the lamb looked for the freezer. All of them were well finished. These lambs were all auctioned off at the fair, and went home to become lamb curry for some lucky family.
All of the children who are auctioning off lambs must also participate in a "fitting and showing". In that competition, you are judged on how well you present your lamb - grooming, trimming and handling. Those are the main shows for the market lamb participants.The judge always has a very educational perspective and tries to help each child learn a bit and be able to do better the next time.  It was  a really fun fair! We always learn a lot and have a great time!


  1. Well done on the blue ribbons! Is that the top prize?

  2. Good experience for the kids! I went to my first calf show last was so much fun!!

  3. Yes, Flora, it is really fun!
    Kirsteen, at our fair there are 2 judging systems going on simultaneously. Blue ribbons are a first place...but lots of people can get are basically judged against a, if you meet the standard you get a blue ribbon. (There are also many red ribbons - 2nd place, and white ribbons - 3rd place) A Grand Champion and Reserve Champion (1st and 2nd place) overall are also selected....and they get to go into the auction ring 1st and 2nd respectively - for sheep that are to be auctioned and butchered. The other categories, like 'Breeding Ewe" and 'Wool Sheep' are also judged w/ both systems.

  4. This looks extremely fun! Congrats on the blue ribbons.