Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lambs in Turtlenecks

These cute little critters were born Tuesday morning. They were early I think....both weighing in under 10 pounds. Neither of them would nurse or stand up, they were a bit hypothermic. (Our climate isn't too cold, they are just too small) So, we (and I mean Rachel when I say we!) had to learn to tube feed these babies. She has now done the procedure about 7 times, and may have to do it a few more times yet...The larger of the two finally made it to his feet around midnight last night, and the other is now standing quite unstably - but at least on his feet. We were given the facts about their unlikely survival - I don't think anyone expected them to live thru the night -, so we keep tending them and hoping. They seem to be improving, but are still not able to keep warm or nurse.  We found this sweater at our local goodwill and cut the sleeves off to make a covering for them (the suggestion of a fellow sheep person - one MUCH more experienced than us)
We will enjoy them for as long as we get to. Snuggling and bottle feeding (attempting it anyhow) is a pleasure.
This is only the 2nd year we have had the privilege of lambing. We have another ewe that will hopefully wait a bit longer to give birth! It is a fun experience even if we end up shedding some tears. 


  1. OH my! They are precious! I will pray for these little ones! So, sweet. I adore the sweater -- it makes them at least look comfortable.

  2. They are so sweet. The sweater is a wonderful idea. We have tube fed calves before, I know it is a little tricky. I am saying a little prayer for them right now. You will have to keep us posted.
    Many Blessings,

  3. What adorable little lambs! I sure hope that they will be able to withstand the cold so your family won't have any tears.

    Oh, when I saw them with the sweaters, I thought that you and maybe one of your daughters made the sweaters for the lambs. :)

  4. HOw cute! It looks like the jumpers were made just especially for them. I do hope they survive.

  5. I do hope the lambs make it! They just may with your TLC. They look cute in their sweaters.

  6. So sweet. I hope it goes well.