Sunday, July 28, 2013


Joshua has decided he would like to learn to play the bagpipes. So, as we've pursued this, people we'd never had suspected came out of the woodwork as bagpipe players! 
This wonderful man, Mr. Sheaffer, has been a kind and generous supporter of our children's 4H lamb projects at the fair. We met him in the sheep barn 5 years ago. We've marketed to him ever since then. 
When Joshua mentioned in one of their letters that he was taking up the bagpipes, Mr. Sheaffer responded right away, telling him to bring his chanter in the next time the kids came. When we got to his office, he said, "Hey, I have my bagpipes here, would you like to try them?"....
Here is Joshua giving it a go....takes a LOT of air! We had a great time! Can you imagine hearing bagpipe noise coming from the top of a bank building in the middle of a work day? Don't know what the rest of the bank thought.....


  1. Haha thats great!! I love to see adults sharing and passing on their gifts I think God smiles at this too!! ~Love Heather

  2. (Heehee) And, the bag pipes have such a distinct sound! Such a nice sweet story! Very fun! I love the bag pipes!

  3. So funny! :)

    Being a musician myself (and a mother of musicians), I've heard plenty of terrible noise coming from practice sessions - some of which have come from my own fingers. It doesn't bother me because that's how we learn! But God has not yet called me to listen to someone practicing the bagpipes. Maybe he knows I'm not quite ready for that one yet... ;-)

    I'm sure Joshua will do a lovely job with it though! :)

  4. Well done to him! He can serenade Sarah is she is missing Scotland too much! Not that you can really serenade with the pipes!