Thursday, July 18, 2013


 I have many things to blog about....but not so much time at present......partly due to the fact that Sarah is......

These travelling ladies are on the final 11 days of their 7 week expedition! They reached Anne just yesterday! and will get to be there for several days!

I will have to catch up on my blogging, but in the meantime, w/ Sarah...where she is, and Benjamin working full time at HP for the summer, my taxi service business has increased immensely. Josh is working almost someone else's home, and Em is taking summer school and working, James has been gone this week...camping w/ my parents and everyone else is trying to make up for the lack of the above mentioned people.......I have other things (HAPPY THINGS, mind you) taking my attention!
 It is a great summer and everyone is doing just exactly what we feel like the Lord has for them to do!
Have a lovely day, resting in where the Lord has you!


  1. sounds like a really good summer to me travels to your daughter ~Heather

  2. Life sounds so delightful, Keri. So many blessings from the Lord! And the picture of the girls is wonderful--what an amazing experience for them.

  3. It is a good sort of busyness. It sounds like many great things are happening. I wondered if the girls were going to make it to see and and perhaps Kirsteen?... what a wonderful treat for all of them. So glad they are having a great time. I will look forward to hearing your news later when you have the time... I certainly understand how the summer is so full.

  4. What a wonderful season you all are in...glory to God in the highest.