Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Just a quick stroll outside today....

These tulips are very cheerful!...they make me smile when I go outside .... or come inside....they are right at our front door!

How do think this little lamb will do at the county fair? A grand champion?...well, in our books any how! We will also have two other little lambs that we will be proud of....only because they are the first three lambs that were born right here in our little sheep shed!

These are our grapes...hopefully they will be full of plump fruit in the fall! We like to make our own grape juice - have actually become rather grape juice snobs....The juice is really good made w/ several types of grapes - and we enjoy it hot - like hot apple cider  - when we are making it!

And back inside, these pepper plants are coming along nicely! Zachary is in charge of them/planted them/eats them like candy! He would sometimes prefer them to a cookie! Hopefully they will transplant well, when it gets dry enough to move them outside! He is hoping to have LOTS of peppers!
Hope you have a glorious day in the Lord!


  1. that is a good lookin' lamb! and those tuplips are beautiful!!!

    so thanksful the Lord gave us spring!!! :)

  2. What a treat for my eyes, I decided to take a break and found your beautiful tulips in the sidebar of my blog, they are gorgeous!

    That lamb is winner in my eyes!

  3. These tulips are gorgeous. What a joy to look at, indeed.
    Your own grapes.....mmmmm - that sounds amazing, and making your own juice. Wow!
    Hope the pepper plants go well - keep us posted, cos I have some too, and this is my first year with pepper plants, so all hints are gratefully accepted ;)

  4. Wow, your own grapes! Are they sweet enough to eat too?

    Yes, I think the lamb could be a winner, but I'm no expert!

  5. This is a good day! :) The tulips really are gorgeous, I smile each and every time I see them!

  6. Thank you so much for the comment you left on my blog :)
    Those tulips are beautiful!!! Our grape plants probably won't produce grapes for another year (We just planted them, last year)
    You have a beautiful yard :)

  7. Beautiful tulips! And a sweet little lamb!
    I love peppers too, but have a hard time growing any of good size.
    God bless,
    Anne ♥

  8. 3 sweet little lambs born in your shed! I say you are already have winners. How fun to have a lamb to enter in the fair. What is the name?

    Lovely tulips and "yeah" for grapes and peppers!

  9. This little lamb's name is Valentine, because she was born... on Valentine's Day! There was a bit of name changing going on because Daddy said if we were going to keep the ewe to breed, she must be named Shirley, (the other two ewes are named Goodness and Mercy) - but then, realizing our little shed is...well, little, and there was no way we could put 3 mamas in there...the name reverted to Valentine! Rachel, our shepherdess named the lambs! The other ewe had twin boys and they are named Essau and Jacob.

  10. Oh everything looks wonderful the Lamb is so cute!! My Italian Grandparents had a big vineyard and would make wine and juice :) I used to love to run up and down along side the organized rows of grapes when I was young.... Have a wonderful week Love Heather

  11. Keri,

    That little lamb is adorable! You have some beautiful tulips as well.

    You are blessed to have such open spaces to be able to plant your own grapes. I'm sure your grape juice is better than the "yucky" store brands. :)

    I've visited your blog a few times in the past, but this is the first time that I have decided to comment. You seem to have a nice place here.


    -L. Rose

  12. Keri,
    What lovely tulips! I'd be smiling too every time I saw them. :)

    It's a treat to see the beautiful work of your hands.

  13. Oh your pretty tulips were worth the anticipation, Keri!
    Aren't they beautiful!!
    Thanks for showing us the open blooms..I wondered how they were coming along :-)
    Your lamb is a beauty too.
    Having helped out with the sheep at our local show, I'd say you could be on a winner there!

  14. Your tulips are beautiful! I have a few but as soon as they begin to grow leaves, the bunnies eat them!

    Sweet little lamb :)

  15. Love the lamb... definitely a winner. Also love the tulips. We are thinking about planting grapes this year. I have never grown grapes, and am excited to give it a try. Do you have several varieties? How long have you had them? You might have to give us another post on it:).

    Your seedlings are delightful... we have ours coming up to.
    Many Blessings,

  16. Gorgeous tulips! and the lamb is very cute!