Monday, April 4, 2011

Random Facts

My daughter tagged me...I think she's trying to improve my internet bloggy skills, w/ this award in which I am required to give 7 random facts about myself.  Thanks, Sarah! I'll give it a go.....

1) I am the fourth of five daughters. And though we are not Jewish, we LOVED to watch Fiddler on the Roof  - for many reasons, one of which was the comraderie we felt w/ having 5 daughters in our family and no sons.

2) I played the alto saxophone....emphasis on the played. I still have it....not sure why.

3) We had a miniature schnauzer when I was growing up. His name was Professor. I don't remember him barking as much as the miniature schnauzer we now have.

4) By the time I graduated from high school, I had lived in 4 different states, (Utah, Michigan, W. Va, and Texas) and 6 different houses.

5) We live in a beautiful house of which about half is an addition that is still floorless, i.e., we have just the sub-flooring down. We have painted it brown and it looks like bonded leather to me. I like it....temporarily, anyways!

6) I have a degree in mathematics, but my husband is MUCH better w/ numbers than I am! ( I love the abstract stuff - you know, NON-euclidean geometries etc....)

7)When I'm asked what my favorite book is (not counting the obvious choice of the Bible) the first book that comes to mind is a little book called, "The Invisible Woman". It is a quick read - you should check it out!

So now, I have the privilege of tagging someone...and

Pam from Where Your Treasure Is ...I'd love to know some random facts about you!


  1. Yay mom! :)

    I laughed at the comment about Schnitzel...he certainly does bark a TON!

  2. I loved it the ONE TIME I can remember you playing your alto saxophone with us Mom. I think you should pull it out when your not crocheting and play with us!

  3. Hey Keri, thanks for sharing about yourself! Have an awesome day! xxx

  4. Good post, mum!! I agree with Rachel, you should get your saxophone out and play wiith us!
    Love you!!

  5. Loved learning more about you!

    And um no, I don't know about Non-euc...something or other you mentioned, not very math savvy around here. :o) <-----<<(But look, I can make sideways smiley I'll have to check out the book you mentioned.

  6. Hey Keri, thanks for popping by mine for a visit, lovely to 'meet' you.

    Always fun doing the '7 random facts', let's us all find out a little bit more about you.

    When I was at school, we moved house once and that was just around the corner. Since I left home and got married I have moved close to 20 times lived in 3 states and O/S in New Zealand.

    Enjoy your week, hope you are getting some lovely Spring weather,

    Claire :}

  7. Hi Keri, thanks for the nice comment on my website! Attic24 is a great place to hang out too! Lucy does awesome stuff with yarn and hook!

    We have a few things in common, you and I. I'm also the 4th child in my family. We are 7 girls and one boy though. He is the youngest...#8! And we moved a lot too...military...from the time I was born until the house I am in now...18 moves! Only 3 of those were since I married!

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I hope you come back and visit again.


  8. Five girls! I think that is really sweet! I have four daughters and love being a mom to them. Love those grandson though :)

    Such fun reading those little facts about you :)

  9. Loved learning more about you today, Keri. I am the 4th of five girls but I have 2 brothers too! I have five kids...4 girls and one boy! Mom is definitely one of my favorite "hats" to wear. My youngest is 16 now and the only one still at home! We moved often growing up and we have moved a lot in my married life too! Thanks for popping in to visit today my fellow Northwesterner! Did I spell that right??? ♥

  10. What a great name for a dog..Professor! And thanks for the book recommendation. It's now on my wish list. :)

  11. Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment on my blog recently. I've been on holidays and have only just got back so popped over to yours for a visit. I will definitely come back another time when I have a few more spare minutes:) I enjoyed reading about you in this post!

  12. Hi Keri, well it seems that you have posted this at the beginning of the week and now here I am on Friday just catching up. I had a great time reading all the facts about you. It is a sweet sort of encouragement learning about someone's life, thank you. I love the dog named Professor, and I love the name "Schnitzel" that your daughter mentioned above. I, like Mrs. C, know nothing about non-euclidean geometries (I had to scroll up 3 times just to spell it :) ), and so I am impressed and envious that you have such abilities. I am anxious to look into the book that you mentioned, because I am always looking for a new book. As I read to the bottom I saw that you tagged me. I am blessed and intimidated all at the same time. I think I need one of your daughters to instruct me... I will give it a little thought today and hopefully post it later.
    Much Love,

  13. I always enjoy reading these random facts about fellow bloggers. How nice to have 4 sisters. I always wanted a sister, but I'm sure thankful for my one and only brother :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Hello Keri,
    Sorry I'm late was fun reading your little facts and snippets :-)
    Fiddler on the Roof is my all time favourite movie!
    The music, the humour, the plot..just fabulous!
    My hubby and I do have some Jewish ancestry, but we like Fiddler because to is a story that transverses all cultures and faiths.
    Traditions v "progress".
    Not always easy to merge the two :-)
    Do you play jazz on your sax?
    We once had a pastor who played one with the music team and it was pretty good!!