Monday, April 18, 2011

Lord's Gym

On Friday afternoons, after Tea Time, most of the family heads to the Lord's Gym.  (Gregg, Benj, and Em are employed til after 4:30, so they join us then!)  This is a very interesting place. A church actually meets here, but on Fridays, it is joined by others in the community and is the 3rd largest food distribution place in Clark County.  Beginning at 3:30, produce and bread is handed out to needy families/people. The twins manage the potato and onion bin, James works w/ the fruit, Grace hands out bread, and Z works where ever he is needed in this room. Sarah, Rachel, and Joshua head to the kitchen to help prepare food for the dinner that is served at 6pm.  I must mention that we do NOTHING but show up to help. The work actually begins in the morning and by the time we get there, we are just extra hands. The meal begins w/ prayer, and the gospel is presented at the end of the meal.  During the meal, we help serve the food, gather the trays, (which need to be washed and reused) and begin cleaning the preparation dishes. At this point, we take our family home for a dinner together - pizza/movie night. But the Lord's Gym is still opened! They hand out frozen and canned food after dinner!
It is a ministry that we've enjoyed participating in. For many years, we wanted to do something that our entire family could do together, and this fits the bill well for now. One friend that we met grew up in Scotland. Our children love to visit w/ him. There are many Russian folks there that don't speak English. Benjamin likes the opportunity to try to communicate w/ them, and they appreciate his effort. We've really benefited from participating in this local ministry and have been able to see God working in a way that we've not witnessed first hand before.
What's going on in your neck of the woods?

(I did have some pictures that Eman - our Scottish friend took, but haven't been able to upload them - will try to post them later!)


  1. Keri. This is something similar to what I would like to get my family involved in. What a lovely way to be involved in sharing God's love. I look foward to seeing your pictures when you get to edit them in.

  2. Being the hands of Christ and doing it as a family! Sweet!

  3. What a wonderful ministry! I love this!