Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break Wednesday

Today was window cleaning...well, downstairs window cleaning, and I use the term rather loosely.

At any rate, our littles cheerfully (for the most part) attacked their chore and the windows are looking much better! Outside is very cloudy and gray in our patch , but the blooming fruit trees let us know that it really is spring, not fall.

After lunch, the girls did some needle work. Rachel and Sarah are working on some floral dish towels.

And the twinkles tried their hands at some cross stitch. Looks like they are up for the challenge! This Spring Break Project won't be completed today, but I think they both got a good start. 


  1. We so need to do this! Our windows are in need of some serious cleaning :-) You have a beautiful family.
    Thank you so much for your prayers for my nephew Jordan. We know it's a miracle he survived, and he's improving daily. Please continue to pray for him.

  2. Well, I am playing blog catch up today, and I am thoroughly enjoying reading through and catching up on your week. How sweet to see those girls all doing needle work together...sigh.. it makes me feel very content. I also loved seeing all your cleaning out. Luke and I did the same thing 2 days ago; I love seeing when other people clean out and organize... don't know why, it just inspires me. Also, had to mention that I just loved those little spool people you all made for the doll house. We have a lovely doll house my husband made for our girls years ago... but no little people in it. We talk about re-vamping it for our grandchildren, and now I know how I am going to stock it up with people, that's a great idea... and even funner when everyone gets in on it. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Many Blessings,

  3. Dear Keri,

    It seems like forever since I’ve had a chance to stop by to visit some of my favorite blogs…so I just wanted to take a moment to stop by and say “hello!” It is such a blessing for me to see your daughters hard at work at their cross-stitch projects…it seems as though this is a “lost art” for so many of the young maidens of today. Your daughters look as though they are quite adept at it, but I do have a little “helpful hint” for the younger lassies if they have trouble keeping their places. When I teach little maidens to cross-stitch (or older ones if they’ve never tried before) I always enlarge their pattern two or three times bigger. Then, as they made each stitch, they can color the block in on their paper with the corresponding colored pencil. It helps them to keep track of where they are and helps when they put it down…oh, so easy to pick up and start again! Hope that might be helpful.

    You have such a lovely family…always a joy to read about what you are up to! It is so obvious that you and your husband take the Lord’s command to “train up a child” right to heart!

    Have a blessed Sunday,

  4. Marcia,
    Thanks for stopping by! We will continue to pray, and look forward to an opportunity to send some mail to Jordan!

    So nice to hear from you! We are really enjoying the spool people! And I'll have to say, my kids have played w/ the doll house quite a bit since the arrival of the people! Hope you have fun w/ that project!

    Thank you, Laura,
    Nice to "chat" w/ you again! Thank you for that great cross stitch tip! It's a wonderful idea! I will have to incorporate it next time!

  5. i love that you all work together...i was just sitting here trying to wrap my brain around 10 kids! it's truly amazing. did i tell you we have friends in GA with 9 kids? what a great example of godly just don't see much of that anymore.

    God bless~

  6. Wonderful to see the children stitching away, you have a lovely blog. x