Friday, June 24, 2011

And in Other Places in the Yard....

Rachel and Grace were trying to reclaim the front yard.

Grace was cleaning up around the boxwoods.

By the time she could tell they were boxwoods again! Thanks, Grace!

And Rachel was trying to find the 'Baby's Blanket' roses near the arbor...I think she found one still living!

Both of these girls would rather have been in the vegetable least because of the mess they were dealing with in their part of the yard. They now have the front a bit less intimidating to tackle for the next time.


  1. Great work! Remind them that not all of us are blessed with such beautiful green grass. :) It's always an interesting experience when my babies put their feet on such foreign soil the first time.....grass at a nearby park.

  2. That is so neat kids can help in the yard...

  3. What a blessing to have daughters that will beautify the front and make a blessing. You are truly blessed!

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  4. Yah, we can sympathise :) We're just beginning to see the dirt in our garden...For awhile, it looked like we were growing dandelions :) But we had someone come and do our front yard for us, so we cheated :)