Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Guess What Project started at Our House on Saturday...

We built an addition on to our home 4 years ago. It was an amazing event to us. The way God provided for the addition in so many different aspects is still one that leaves us in awe. I should tell that story sometime....
Our flooring has been painted subflooring since that time. It's not a bad flooring...sort of looks like bonded leather when it's painted dark brown....but it does chip up and look bad rather quickly. This year, we will have the privilege of putting oak flooring in the dining area. It is about half way finished at this point. Here are some pictures of the progress.This is my father in the foreground...

 This is one of our favorite parts of the new flooring...a flush mounted floor vent!

some sweet feet checking out the smooth surface..

Well, now, this critter will NOT be allowed on the new floors...my children assure me that they did not put this bucket on the Goodness's head....though they did run for the camera and caught the shenanigan for our enjoyment!

Guess it seems rather ingenious to take your food with you...perhaps all of our sheep will catch on to this fashionable, practical bucket attire!


  1. Oooh gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous wood floors Keri!!!
    So excited for you!!!

    Love you

  2. I adore wood floors. I also liked the pitter patter of little feet. But, after about 2 months, I invested in those mop shoes for the Kiddos with all the in and out they do. I figured that they could help keep it clean. ;) The dust-mop slipper shoes didn't work well for me but it was a great conversational topic for laughs.

    Cute Sheep!

  3. The floor is gorgeous, but I assume it's *heat* that'll be coming out of the vent! Soooo cold here, I can't bear to think of anything else!

  4. I didn't know you had sheep. [o= I am praying to get chickens and goats next year. I really want to get some fresh eggs, milk, and meat from them.

    I better go b/c it is REALLY storming here.


  5. Anne,
    We are still getting heat out of that vent! But it's not too cold (for November!), it's only in the 50-60's during the day. There is a small patch of blue sky that I can see out my window presently, and we had a few summerish days last week....anticipation...hoping...summer will be here soon.

  6. Keri, first thank you for visiting the cottage :)

    The floors are just so pretty and shinny...worth all the trouble it cost to put them in.

  7. too cute! i've heard sheep aren't the smartest but that could happen to anyone, right? =)

    blessings to you and your lovely family~