Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Children's Garden...In Pictures

 Here is the head of the planting crew. Joshua took charge, following instructions from Grandpa!

He made a string guide for each of the help make them straight.

Madeline was his best under-gardner.

 He showed her how to run her hoe along the string to make the rows.

And she made row after row

after row. (I think that makes 3 rows....yea, that's about right!) 
Joshua made most of these rows before Maddy made it out to the garden!

For each kind of seed, Joshua gave Madeline a way to space accurately. For these seeds it was a stick.

For the beans, she placed them the distance between her pinky and thumb.

James got in on the planting too.

They each had their own measuring trick.

Zachary made an appearance to help with the covering of the seeds.

He's a pretty good little worker.

Megan got in on some of the action....but was mostly there for the photo op.

Okay...she was covering the seeds...not just smiling for the camera...

Not a quick worker...but she did get a few rows covered.

Needing a break Meg? While everyone works around you?

Muddy Maddy's gardening tip: It's important to keep your hoe clean!...

But shoes, legs and..

shorts....that is an entirely different issue.

The garden is planted except for the pumkins. It was done entirely by children (Joshua, James, Zachary, Megan and Madeline - the oldest and youngest of that group doing the most work!)


  1. How wonderful to have the space like that for a garden. My father in law has a wonderful garden. This year with the children and new puppy, we decided not to plant our own. I think I'll miss it.

  2. I LOVED this post. [o= I loved seeing how they all had their part and it will be so neat when they get to harvest the fruits of their labor. I think you will have to make some salad dressing with your yogurt now. [o= I am soooooooo glad that it worked for you. Hee he on your dd keeping her garden tools clean but didn't mind the dirt else where, lol.


  3. Now, I need those type of helpers! :)

  4. LOL I remember the days when I had help like that!! Nice work, kiddos. :-)

  5. That's fantastic.... they will feel amazing when they see the fruit of their labours.
    Looks like you have nice weather there :)

  6. Ha Great pictures the Garden Looks Fabulous ~Praying you have a big and bountiful harvest ~Love Heather

  7. My grandkids help me plant my garden...and I love the patience they have...planting the seeds evenly... I tend to scatter them in the rows...but they always lay them out measured.... Great Post!

  8. Oh, I want a garden someday!! I used to do my daughter Rose's hair just like Madeline's, years ago. Cute.

  9. I would LOVE to have such a big garden!! And what happy little helpers - what a blessing! :) You must be really looking forward to the fruits of their labour! :)

  10. awesome!! they will have so much enjoying the fruits of their labor! :)

  11. What a nice garden. I love that the kids are planning and planting it. I hope you get lots of delicious veggies from it.