Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's official....

The Summer Reading Program has begun!

I  would love for you to leave a comment and let us know your favorite books and the ages for which they are best suited! (Adult and children recommendations are all welcome!)  We will comprise our list and post it soon!
Here is Sarah's current list.
 Thanks so much!
Here's hoping you all have a well read summer!


  1. They all look so lovely sitting reading their books (love your bright room with the glass doors!). My 5 year old son loved the Box Car Children, we have only read the first one.
    Dawn x

  2. That looks like fun! My favorite author is Francena Arnold. Most of her books are out of print, but I know you can find "Not My Will" still at Amazon. And you can buy the others used. If you ever wanted to borrow the books, I have some of them.

  3. Oh the vision of loveliness! Such eye candy to see all of them reading!

    I am looking forward to seeing your reading list! I enjoyed reading Sarah's. I don't have any suggestions for you though. I am working on school portfolio's so I haven't made up our summer reading list yet. However, I have in the back of my mind that we will have some of the books from the Christian fiction "Sugar Creek Gang" series on it!

  4. Dear Keri,

    Summer fun! Actually, reading is fun at anytime, isn't it! Miss Sarah's list is wonderful...please share with her that we also have "Kingdom of the Cults" for much the same purpose as she stated. My older sons often run into folks who have questions when they are out and about coaching or has been a wonderful resource for this.

    We love searching the thrift stores and yard sales for any books in the Lamplighter series. I just go online and make a list...then keep it in my purse to refer to when I am out and about. Wonderful books for all ages!

    Have a blessed evening,

  5. Anonymous said...Great picture! My 7 year old dd loves/d the Thornton Burgess books last year even though we don't have some of those animals here in Australia:) She also really loved The wizard of Oz, has read it twice already. Some other favourites of hers are some Aussie books but great if you could get a hold of them: Snugglepot and Cuddlepie by May Gibbs, The Magic Pudding by Norman Lindsay, the latter you might want to read reviews of in case it's not what you like:)

  6. Oh my. I had left a comment day before yesterday on Grace Livingston Hill books along with the Ludy's magazine. It's not here now, I was wondering if this is not a blogger glitch or if there is some reason the comment was deleted? I thought sure the comment had appeared after I left it. Just thought I would check in to see the others' book suggestions and I noticed mine gone. Hope you are having a nice day. : )

  7. Dawn, Linnae, BB, Laura, JoyfulMum, and Amelia,

    Thanks for the suggestions! I think we can make use of all of those books! Some we'd heard of but not read yet, and some are new titles to us! I can put them right on our library list! If you think of others...don't hesitate to leave a note! We love the extra time we have in the summer to read!