Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Crocheted Coin Purse Pattern

For Easter Dinner, I crocheted these coin purses for the ladies...I used them for place card holders. I saw a pattern that I liked and tried to make a similar pattern.
This clasp was purchased at Joann

The little holes are only on the outside, and there is a nicely finished edge on the inside that covers the edge of the fabric. 

I used a size US G/4.00mm hook and worsted weight yarn. I am using US terminology. 
There are only single crochets (sc), half double crochets (hdc), and chains (ch).
Today I am using Lion Brand Kitchen cotton.
I found that 5 (sc) fit nicely into the depth of the clasp. So...I decided I wanted the belly of the purse to be twice as long (10 stitches) for a total of 15 stitches...and that I was going to make the body of the purse in one piece and then fold it in half....2 x 15 stitches = 30 stitches.

READY to start? 

ch 31 (last ch is to turn)
Row 1: sc in each of the first 5 stitches (not the turning stitch, but I think that is common), hdc in the next 20 stitches, sc in last 5 stitches, ch1, turn.

Now, just repeat that row until the ends fit snugly into the clasp. I think you can pretty easily adapt this pattern for whatever size clasp, hook, and yarn you are using. (The sc should be the same depth as the clasp, and the belly should be twice as long - guess that is up to you and the look you desire)

So here is my chain 31 w/ the first row started...those initial 5 sc...I just stopped to snap a picture so you could see how they fit into the clasp.

And here is the first row finished. The hdc part will be a bit wider than the ends...helping to create a fuller 'belly' part of the coin purse.

A couple of rows finished....

About half way....The shape is becoming more apparent...

And here is the whole piece finished....well, the crocheting part, anyhow.

Now you just sew it into the clasp and sew up the edges.

A lining would look nice, but I haven't ventured to do that just yet!
If you need clarification..please ask. I 'd love for you to have as much fun making these as I do! They are a quick and nice little gifty thing to have on hand or be able to make up the day before you need it.

"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
    His mercies never come to an end;
 they are new every morning;
    great is Your faithfulness. 'The Lord is my portion', says my soul, 'Therefore, I will hope in Him' "
Lamentations 3:22-23

May your day be spent hoping in Him!


  1. Lovely! You made it look so easy. I have never tried making something using a clasp. Really nice job!

  2. I agree! You really do make it look easy. :) Well done on the tutorial!

  3. that is super cute!! the girls and i are learning how to knit...maybe we can do something fun like this some really DO make it look easy ;)

  4. This little purse is so sweet....I love it

  5. Just adorable and I am amazed at your creation! I am not so good at knitting, my daughter is learning though so maybe she will be our knitter! Love Heather

  6. hello!
    I have 5" clasp, how can figure it out how many stitches I have to do?

    1. What size yarn and hook are you using?

  7. How did you attach the body to the frame?

    1. There are holes on the frame. I just whip stitched thru the holes and the purse... Holding the purse snugly into the groove on the frame.

    2. There are holes on the frame. I just whip stitched thru the holes and the purse... Holding the purse snugly into the groove on the frame.

  8. It is challenging!Love the words of the Lord! May He keeps blessing you abs inspires you in your beautiful work .