Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Around the House

We've been enjoying a bit of a Spring/Easter break around our house for the last 2 weeks.
So, I thought I'd take ya for a tour of what's blooming 'round here.....
The roses on the arbor are already reaching around the top. Hopefully, it will be full of lovely little pink double blossoms....oh, the fragrance is wonderful.

This camillia.....oh, brother....
For YEARS it has teased us w/ an abundance of buds....only to turn brown and ugly before the flowers would bloom. From my Master Gardner days, I found that it's ailment was a soil born thing and I was told I'd have to move it or it would always have this problem. ....So this year, I bought a daphne to put here soon as that daphne was sitting across the walk from the camillia, the camillia, as if in defiance, bloomed prolifically....with NO, I repeat NO brown ugliness....
We will enjoy it...but I think it has outgrown it's place anyhow, so....we'll go ahead and try to move it and plant the daphne here later this year. 

Inside the house, we did a bit of spring cleaning....the twins' bedroom was. a. mess. 
We took EVERYTHING out and only replaced a few things. I think there were 3 garbage bags of, to throw away or take to Goodwill. Guess I should get and after picture, but I rather like the 'empty room picture' ....

And then there was the matter of the bonus room closet....stuffed to the gills, no evidence of a floor...I KNOW you have no idea what I'm talking about....but, just so y'all know, our bonus room closet does have a floor....
 And now that the fabic, sewing machines (remember, we have 6 daughters), yarn, games, camping stuff, music stands, and snow clothes are back in the can still see the floor.
This is the after shot....
REALLY, it's better than it was!


Unfortunately, we also did a bit of this over our break from school

And I think these pictures were a bit before our school break, but our kiddos are still volunteering at Fort Vancouver...

 I love Spring....the newness of things, the blooming, the baby lambs, and chicks (which I will have to post about next!) and the way that it points us to the Savior! Every season has a way to remind us of what God has done, and life...beautiful LIFE in CHRIST  and HIS RESURRECTION is seen so easily  in His creation at this time of year. 
May you all enjoy the REALITY of that NEW LIFE!


  1. Wow.... love spring...except it's taking a while for it to come here.... we have snow on the ground and are still expecting 20 cm this weekend again....

  2. It's so nice to see beautiful green grass and blooms somewhere, since we're still really snowy and brown here. We've been doing that same spring cleaning you speak of, and I was embarrassed to see how much junk the girls had stashed in their room in the drawers and closet. They're like little pack-rats. LOL!

  3. beautiful home the Lord has blessed y'all with! i love the feeling of an organized closet! yay!!

  4. You have such a beautiful home. I enjoyed seeing what's blooming in your yard. My rhododendron bush is finally blooming. Glad you and your family enjoyed your break and were able to get some cleaning done too. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.