Monday, April 22, 2013

Make it Monday


A few weeks ago, Lorraine posted about these great jar cozies. So, I gave it a go. 

I reused some kombucha bottles and hooked up a few cozies to fit. Now my kiddos can have colorful water bottles! I know, I breaks......... but there is a definite advantage....Water in glass bottles doesn't taste like plastic!
We haven't taken them out to the concrete to see if they'll shatter when they are dropped....I'm certain that will be determined soon enough....but in the mean time, I thought I'd see how long they last!



  1. They look GREAT! I much prefer drinking from glass too ~ hope they don't get broken :)

  2. That's a great idea, and then you can feel comfortable using glass as you come and go. I have been trying to get rid of the plastic and go to glass
    myself. I haven't gotten rid of all the plastic but little by little. I like the idea of the cozies, and I can imagine that they will work well to protect them from breaking.

  3. I don't care for plastic bottles, either. The cozies are lovely! Love the colors! I would think the cozies would help keep them intact.

  4. Very nice cozies! Such creativeness! Glass does make water taste better, I'm even careful to drink Kombucha from glass only.

  5. I was just looking at something similar in a shop the other day and found myself thinking, I'm sure I could make these myself!

    I love the cheerful colours you used too.