Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tulip Trot

Saturday, our family had to divide and conquer. Two of the kiddos went with me to a sheep clinic. The rest of the family participated in a local 5k race in Woodland. This was the first time we (yes, I say 'we' loosely, since 3 of us weren't there, and I cannot run that far at this point!) ran this race - but I understand the runners would like it to be an annual event!

These were our youngest participants - Megan Joy, Zachary, and Madeline Hope!

Here are our runners! We had two family friends join us - on the far left Micah (who came in 3rd over all) and Lauren is in front of him. Our Coderunner team included Joshua, Gregg, Benjamin (back row); Grace,Sarah (middle row); and Madeline, Megan, and Zachary.

And the Coderunner finishers in order of appearance........

Isn't she smiling too much to have just run 3.1 miles?
 I guess finishing before Daddy and Maddie can be rather inspiring!

 Emily - the photographer - came home with several beautiful lily bulbs to plant! We will hopefully get those in the ground and show you pictures at the end of the summer!


  1. So exciting to see these delightful photos of your runners! Great job by all!

  2. Your family amazes me! What a joy to know you and to get to know you more through your blog. :) Rejoicing in the blessings of family togetherness,

    Lisa :)

  3. Well done to you all. Love the photo of the tulips. Our spring bulbs are so far behind this year that there is no sign of the tulips yet :(

  4. Wow, I am amazed at all of your runners; especially the little ones; that is wonderful. Its great that they all do it together. My son Luke would love that... he is the runner of the family. Love the tulips.

  5. It's so neat to see your children running like that! My oldest son Josiah is running a 5K this coming Saturday to benefit our local pregnancy center. Someday I would love to join him in a 5K, but I'm going to have to do some serious preparation beforehand so I can work up to that!! :)