Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blessed by Grace.... more ways than we can say...But one of the ways is in this precious girl, Grace Christine, who is turning 12 years old today!

Grace is a sweetie. She is amazing w/ younger children. When I have a friend over that has younger kiddos, Grace organizes them, has craft clubs and singing groups with them, and hours can pass, while the other mom and I are chatting away...we are never even interrupted...and there are frequently in excess of 7 littles that she is entertaining. Our family is amazed at her skill and enjoyment of this activity. Grace is also quite a little organizer. She can have anything - cabinets, rooms, books, art supplies, organized and looking lovely.

She also LOVES to sing....sing, sing, sing! She is a little songbird!

She is learning to use her skills to bring glory to her Lord, and improving each day.

God bless you, sweet Grace! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  1. What a lovely blessing. Meal do naidheachd (myal do nay-achg)which literally means 'congratulations' but it's what we say in Gaelic to wish someone a happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Grace!! She's gorgeous!
    What a beautiful family you have! How nice it must be to have a little organizer in the family!
    I'm glad you found my blog, because it led me straight to yours!

  3. Happy birthday Grace, hope you have a lovely day and a blessed year.
    Dawn xx

  4. What a lovely blessing she is to you. Happy Birthday, Grace!
    God bless you all as you reach another milestone. We have a birthday girl today too, and I'll be posting later today.... she's 14.
    (Kirsteen has given you the term in Gaelic, so I'll say, A h-uile beannachd - which means, Every blessing!) x

  5. Such a beautiful young lady, and what a blessing she is to your family and friends of your family. Sounds like a joy to have in your home! Happy Birthday to your sweet gal!

  6. She sounds like a pure delight. I pray she continues down the road developing these skills for they are true gifts indeed. What a blessing to you, your family, and your friends.

    Happy Birthday Grace!


  7. Happy Birthday Grace.
    You will be a wonderful mother someday, by God's grace!

  8. Oh she is beautiful!! A Very Happy Birthday Grace!! ~ Love Heather

  9. My precious Gracie....this is a day for all of us to celebrate!

  10. so very sweet, happy birthday to such a godly young lady!

  11. Thank you all for your kind words to Grace! She just smiles reading them!
    Kirsteen and Homeschool on the Croft, You made our day, teaching us new gaelic phrases! We LOVE learning anything gaelic we can!


  12. What a beautiful family you have. I am from a large family of 7 children we sure had a great childhood! oxox, Diane