Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday Tea - What are you looking at?

Grandma Nancy was here for tea today! She came 600 miles, from the Bay Area to join in the ritual. She even came prepared. She sang a version of "Jesus Loves Me" that was geared toward seasoned child of God. We LOVED it.

 She also told the story in Matthew about Peter walking on the water and beginning to sink..."What did he need to do?" she asked. "Keep his eyes on Jesus!" was the correct answer. She then pulled these out.....

and showed us that when you keep your eyes on the "eye" of the feather you can balance it on your fingertip, but if you take your eyes off of the eye, you will not be able to balance the feather.
So, we all gave it a go, and had a great time trying to keep our eyes on the "eye"...and will be reminded of keeping our eyes on the One who can keep us in the right place! Thanks, Grandma for a great visual lesson!


  1. This is so precious, and what a gift from the Lord to be able to have wisdom shared from the older generation. Truly, you are blessed! Not all of us have this privilege. May you never take it for granted. :) Blessings!

  2. Yes, I agree with Trisha. To me, the peacock feather is another example of the Lord's amazing and intricate creation... a piece of art in itself. Love those tea parties. Now as for goats... I will have to find your hubby's comments, and give me a little time to tell that story.... perhaps I'll post it on my blog. It makes me laugh, thinking about I can only say, stay tuned.
    Blessings, Pam

  3. Wow what a wonderful teaching thanks for sharing that with us ~Love Heather

  4. What a blessing to have a grandma like this. Sounds like a wonderful teaching time. I love the peacock feather.
    Dawn x
    (ps. sorry for taking so long to return the comments from my blog, thanks for stopping by, look forward to reading your blog)