Monday, March 7, 2011


Here's a glimpse at our Saturday.....

Silly boys

Silly Seven year old

Sourdough waffles

                                           Skipping Spring lambs

Sent Sarah to Fort Vancouver...(this is a picture from another day) with Rachel and Grace for Dame School. The girls dress in period clothing and learn skills from the fort days. Sarah is actually an adult volunteer called an "auntie" - she is one of the teachers.

Grilled Pizza ---okay, we didn't have grilled pizza, but I am really looking forward to barbeque weather here in the northwest....may have a while yet to this picture will have to suffice.

Hope your weekend was lovely!


  1. Fun stuff, mama! 'Cept for I'm not a huge fan of that metis pic... O well :p
    We should make grilled pizza regardless of the weather!!

  2. We make pizza on our grill throughout the summer as well. There's nothing like a rustic thin crust pizza, spread with a thin layer of white or red homemade sauce, and piled high with all kinds of grilled vegetables, sausage, chicken, fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil... mmmm, my mouth's watering. I can't wait! (But I have to :)

  3. wow..where is this fort vancouver??

    we went to a civil war reenactment last year when we were in GA...the kids loved it!

  4. mountain mama - Fort Vancouver is in Vancouver, was a fur trading outpost (lots of beaver furs) and headquarters for the Hudson's Bay company...It sits on the Columbia River (right across from Portland, OR) never any conflict (like a cool Civil War Re-enactment) - my kids just learn knitting, crocheting, lots of needle work, cooking in a fire heated brick oven, carpentry, clerking, blacksmithing, about trapping and fur values, etc....The fort was occupied by English, Indians, and surprisingly (to me) a pretty big Hawaiian population. Probably more than you wanted to know....
    but, there it is.

  5. Good Morning Keri!
    Sounds as though you had a fun Saturday! We've never tried pizza on the grill before...but we LOVE homemade we will definitely try this once the weather improves a bit. We did, in fact, get quite a rainstorm this weekend which washed away much of our snow. My sister is visiting from Vermont, however, and they got an additional 2 feet on Sunday! Do you still have much snow where you are?

    Have a blessed week!

  6. I've never heard of grilling pizza either. I take it this is what we call barbecuing over here? And if so, how do you stop the pizza dough sticking to the grill!? Sorry, too many questions!

  7. Thanks for the fun comments!
    Kirsteen - in this case, grilling pizza is referring to barbecuing! We roll out the dough, brush olive oil on one side...then place that side down on the grill/barbecue for just a few minutes (depending how hot your fire is)..then we take it up, bring it inside, brush the other side w/ olive oil, flip it and decorate tahe already cooked side, and then place the olive oiled side down on the grill....guess that's obvious! Again it doesn't take too long on the grill. For the second side we just get the cheese melted. It is really delicious cooked this way. We eat pizza at least once a week! (With lots of littles, it quickly became a "one dish dinner" since we can put so many different combinations of ingredients on it - and they could eat it w/ their hands before they had much coordination!) But in the summer, we LOVE it grilled. (Though at our house, we usually have to cook some in the oven as well - to accomodate everyone eating at the same time!)

  8. Laura,
    We don't actually get snow often here...maybe for a week each winter...We get rain, Rain, and more RAIN! It takes quite a while to dry things up. (Especially since it so husband says you really can't count on nice weather til after July 4th! - and he's basically right)

  9. So...the waffles and pizza made me hungry!! Looks like a fun day was had by all!

  10. awesome! love it!!!!! thanks for the info :)