Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some Finished Projects...

 Though I've made several of these soccer balls, this is the first one that will stay at our house. Grace and I have both made these for some of her soccer teammates' birthdays. All of my children think they are wonderful....they are just a great size and cushy and cozy. And the colors can be anything you like. The colors in this one are definately Grace-like. She is a ray of sunshine - quite a bright spot in our family!

This is my second official Keri-On sized Keri-on.

The shape is a pattern from Marta McCall. I am not as proficient a knitter yet to do all of the colors in the pattern.  Maybe someday...

 My first Keri-On still isn't lined.... I realized it wasn't as daunting of a job as I'd imagined...but now I need to find the right fabric. Nothing seems to tickle my fancy for lining this bag. 

 I really enjoy making felted bags. The first felted bag I made was a Christmas purse for my mom. I made Sarah a purse using the same pattern, but in spring colors. It is also very fun to make. It is a pattern from Nicky Epstein's Book.

And some unfinished projects (not counting my housework!)...

And I'm thinkin that little bird may end up being a latch on the Keri-On bag....yep, I think that'll happen. The rest of those little flowery blocks can grow up to be another soccer ball or even a blanket...not certain yet....I'll probably just keep making more until I decide.

Hope you have a masterpiece of a day!


  1. I think you're very talented in needle arts :-) I've never really learned knitting or crocheting. My mom used to be very good at crochet though, so I know there is a lot of work involved.
    Happy Birthday to your dear daughter :-)

  2. I have GOT to make one of those soon. So cute!
    And that bag too! Oh, there are just too many fun projects out there for me to make.
    And your Grace is pretty sweet too. I like that dress (or blouse?) she is wearing too - so girlish and sweet.

  3. Ha that is so cute with the picture with the ball on your daughters head lol!! Your handwork is gorgeous I am terrible at knitting and crocheting so I am in awe! ~It's wonderful ~Love Heather

  4. Oh my goodness Keri, this is so fun. I am so glad that you posted some info for the patterns. Is the soccer ball stuffed with fiberfill? I have several soccer players in the family, and so I know this will be a hit. Can't wait to give it a try once I get a few other projects finished. Also, love seeing the "keri-on" again, it is really just adorable. Thought the little bird latch idea is a great idea. All so cute! Thanks for sharing.
    Many Blessings,

  5. What a fun craft...I envy that you have 10 children. I have 5 and wish I had doubled them all! I love being a mom and as they are all growing older and only one is left at home I am missing my mothering duties! Trying to figure out what my next calling is. Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting! I appreciate it so much and I am signing up to follow here and keep up with your wonderful family! Where in the NW do you live? I am in the Portland area!

  6. Pam,
    We LOVE the soccer ball. It's rather addictive to make, the hexagons and pentagons are basically the same you can kinda get in a groove. Here is where I found the pattern Have fun! Thanks also for your kind words - I really enjoy crocheting and knitting - very fun to me!

    Carrie, Thanks for popping over! 5 kiddos is great! All of ours are still at home, but I just know these days are bound to change. So, we enjoy the time we have. I live just north of Portland in Battle Ground, WA. We're neighbors! Look forward to keeping up w/ your fun blog!

  7. Marcia,
    Thanks for your kind words! I really enjoy doing things w/ my hands - so does my mom!
    Thanks for the note! Perhaps after that baby is born, you can REST and crochet some. I'm glad you can see the size since Grace is in the picture....rather bigger than a soccer ball!
    Thanks for your kind comment! Seeing your beautiful dolls - I doubt you are terrible at ANYTHING! Have a grand day!

  8. These projects look wonderful! I really want to check into the pattern for the Keri-On. That looks like a wonderful bag to tote things around in. [o= You do beautiful work.


  9. Thank you for stopping by! You're so crafty!

  10. wow, beautiful love it!!!

    {we have a grace too!:}

  11. I have no idea how on earth you manage to make not one (but several) soccer balls, all the while raising 10 children and getting at least one of them to soccer practice.

    Kudos to you!

    (Leslie Stahlhut aka crochetbug)

  12. These balls are so fun and beautiful!
    Happy birthday wishes to your sweet daughter and happy anniversary wishes to you!

    The baby blanket you made is gorgeous! A very pretty pattern and such nice workmanship!