Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baby Girl in Japan

A week ago Sunday, a friend at church asked me to crochet a baby blanket for a niece who was pregnant with a little girl. I love to crochet or knit for babies....even babies that I do not know. I have the opportunity to pray for them while I am stitching away. Incidentally, this little girl and her family live in Japan. The earthquake happened the following Friday. As of Sunday, the baby had not yet been born - the parents were fine. I believe that they live within proximity of the nuclear power plants.

 So many people there......within the catastrophe zone....people with a lot of needs...

I finished the blanket yesterday

But I think the prayer for that little girl and the country she is in, will continue for quite some time.


  1. What a beautiful blanket!! I am glad they seem to be fine, although there seems to be a constant treat to them at the moment, much prayer needed isn't there :o(
    Dawn xx

  2. That is a beautiful blanket!

    It's just not even possible to imagine facing what these poor people are going through just now.

  3. Oh the blanket is beautiful!! many Prayers are needed for sure in Japan ~I will be praying with you ~Love Heather

  4. Dear Keri,
    This is such a precious blanket...I love the pattern! You did such a lovely job...I am sure that momma will love to wrap her little one in this beautiful gift. Such a gift from the heart, Keri, especially with all the sadness happening in our world right now. It makes me so thankful to know the One who holds it all in His hands.

    Have a blessed week,

  5. That is a VERY beautiful gift indeed! And what a opportunity to show Christ's love in a way you never thought you could when you started this. That family will be very blessed. You do gorgeous work my friend.


  6. How wonderful that they were safe! How precious that you have been praying...God is good! Such a gorgeous blanket...it will surely be a blessing!

    Many blessings,