Monday, March 21, 2011

True Contentment

My husband and I were listening to this song yesterday....and were (again) struck by the reality of the completeness we have in Christ. The amazing fulfillment in Him. We just need to remember to live in that knowledge!  Enjoy!***********************************************************************************
At the moment, half of our house has no flooring...just sub floors. Three years ago, we were able to build an addition on to our home - a great blessing. But at this point, the flooring is not yet in. I am experimenting w/ making some rugs for the stairs when they are finished. I would like to have wood on the steps, but because of the slippery factor and because there is a big window at the bottom of the stairs....we need to have some traction. This is my first attempt...I crocheted the rug and then felted it.  We all like it, but I'll have to decide if I want to make 14 of them, or if a simpler design will work for the stairs. I think I have lots of time to decide or create for that matter. But it's fun to have a working plan.


  1. That is so very pretty, I can't imagine stepping on such a pretty piece of work. But then again, how beautiful your stairs will be if you do decide to do that.

    Contentment in Christ, is that not such a comfort when your heart learns that and rests in Him.

  2. I REALLY enjoyed that video. Thank you for sharing it.

    That is so pretty. How would you attach it to the stair? I have wood stairs and want to put some grip on them but I need it to be easily washed to keep the dust down. My hubby is asthmatic if things are too dusty.


    PS: I have really enjoyed your blog! [o= I am glad you found me.

  3. Mary,
    Thanks for your kind words.
    I'm not certain about the attaching to the steps thing. I'm going to experiment w/ cutting to size those area rug grippers....not certain if it will be enough or not. I'm also toying w/ some other options....
    I would like to be able to easily wash them as well - AND not have anyone slip all the way down the stairs because of them.

  4. Wow that is gorgeous!! Great job 14 though that would be a project!! It would certainly keep you busy and crafting for a while :) ~Hope your having a good week ~Love Heather

  5. OOOOHH, I LOVE it. Could you just use the one fancy one and then make the others in coordinating colors? I LOVE the one you have done, but it might be too much on every stair. Just a thought.