Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break Tuesday

Well, the spring cleaning chore for today was the kitchen. Beginning w/ emptying the pantry,


 cleaning and then replacing all of the things back in the pantry in an intentional way. 

The twins emptied the cabinet under the cooktop - my pans

Sarah cleaned it out and then the pans were replaced...in a much nicer manner.

And when the work was finished, we made pretzels!

YUMMY! Would you like one?


  1. why, yes i would! they look delish! congrats on a freshly cleaned organized panty and pan drawer!

  2. Well, what a fabulous day!
    Such a good job to get done and pretzels to boot!!
    Keri you have a wonderful pantry - I like how easy it is to see everything in it!
    Lovely post :-)

  3. The pretzels look great! All the neatly arranged pots remind me of a job not yet done.

  4. What a good Momma you are, rewarding those hard workers with warm, soft pretzels! They look delicious!